Bug crawling on slime
I took these pictures last night – can’t find anything on your website to identify it, although it looks very unique and is quite easily described.
Could you please help me identify it? And maybe an opinion as to it’s destructiveness and whether I should try to eliminate it? Thank you,
Ken Johnson

Hi Ken,
This is a Webspinner. It is only the second photo we have ever received from the Order Embiidina, commonly called Webspinners or sometimes Footspinners. Some males are winged, and some males and all females are wingless. According to BugGuide: “silk galleries are spun under stones and bark, in debris, cracks in soil or bark, among grass roots, lichens, mosses, and epiphytic plants winged males of some species are attracted to artificial light” and they are “more numerous during the rainy season” and their food consists of “dead plant material plus lichens and mosses found around their galleries.” They are not destructive and there is no need to eliminate them.

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