Two-tailed spider, Australia
Dear Bugman,
I noticed this smallish spider on the bark of a gum tree, only through my camera lens. Its camouflage is quite efficient. It took some time to identify, but I think it is the Two-tailed spider, Tamopsis. It is a very fast-moving spider, using a sort of combined jumping-scurrying movement. For the past couple of weeks I have been back to the tree, and the spider is always there, in the same place, without any web that I can see. One day there was a smaller, darker companion, which I think is the male. Thanks for your site, which I always find fascinating. Kind wishes,

Hi Grev,
It has been some time since you have sent us a new photo. Thanks for providing this Two Tailed Spider for our archives. We are linking to the University of Queensland Find a Spider site which substantiates your identification of this distinctive spider with long spinnerets.

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