Pandorus Sphinx Caterpillar

Caterpillar Hi! This caterpillar was found in Port Severn Ontario, we found it near some sumac trees we were clearing. We had never seen anything like him and thought he was photo worthy. It’s about 1/2″ diameter and 4″ long when he was fully extended. Can you tell us what it was? The only similar … Read more

Hickory Horned Devil

Large Horned caterpillar We found this caterpillar on a tree in our yard. We live close to Houston, TX and have never seen a caterpillar this large before. Can you identify it and let us know what it is? Marlys Dow Hi Marlys, The spectacular Hickory Horned Devil will become the equally spectacular Royal Walnut … Read more


rabbit-looking moth- Tolype Two of these furry moths are hanging out on my garage in Nottingham, Pa. I would assume they are attracted to the overhead light. They are so cute- they look like a rabbit-moth hybrid! You already have a photo in your gallery, but I thought I’d send another anyway. Thank you so … Read more

Cicada: Tibicen pronotalis

Cicada We found this cicada in our backyard of Eastern OK. It was yellow & orange with black. My husband thought it was that commonly seen Grand Western Cicada but I am not convinced. Any thoughts? Thank you. Art & Cricket Wing Hi Art and Cricket, This sure looks to us like Tibicen pronotalis, a … Read more

White Flannel Moth Caterpillar

white flannel moth caterpillar I believe we found a White Flannel Moth Caterpillar while hiking the Cumberland Trail near Crossville, TN. One of our group got a bit of a sting when brushing past this colorful caterpillar. I would like to confirm the ID if possible. Thanks Millette Hi Millette, You are absolutely correct. This … Read more