Ceanothus Silkmoth

Ceanothus Silk Moth, Hyalophora euryalus Hello 🙂 I just recently started surfing your awesome webpage and thought I would send in a nice picture I got of a Ceanothus Silk Moth. This little guy was hanging out at a gas station in the Sacramento Valley, California in late June 2007. I had just recently left … Read more

Spotted Oleander Caterpillar Moth

Mimic Wasp??? I live in Satellite Beach Florida and saw this on my screen and was hoping you could tell me what it is. I think it’s some kind of mimic wasp but I’m not sure. Love your site. Jeff Hi Jeff, You are correct. The Spotted Oleander Caterpillar Moth, Empyreuma affinis, is a wasp … Read more

Megarhyssa macrurus

Photos of Giant Ichnerumons, Megarhyssa Macrurus I was able to identify Giant Ichnerumons, Megarhyssa Macrurus thanks to your site – we have a dead tree that is covered with them here in Bolton, Connecticut. I am sending you the photos in case they are shots of the bug that you don’t already have. It looks … Read more


A question about … a bug! Great site … say I, as I type on a keyboard graced by a dead ‘Longhorn’ of some description (found by my wife in the innards of a malfunctioning microwave and left here for my admiration, no doubt). I have a picture or two for you and, probably, an … Read more

Cockroach Ootheca

eww-theca greetings bugman! here for you i have a picture of an ootheca which you i thought you might like to put on your ‘eggs’ page. when i first found it i had no idea what it was, and was touching it way more than i would’ve had i known what creature it came from! … Read more

Red Banded Hairstreak

Red Banded Hairstreak? Hey bugman, thanks so much for posting my photo of the wheelbug. I have another one to share with you. I believe this is a red-banded hairstreak (correct me if im wrong). there were two of them nectaring on some goldenrod the other day and i took some pics. I think this … Read more