Cicada Exoskeleton

what is this? the bug is attached in a picture JR Hi JR, We get numerous requests to identify the exoskeletons of Cicadas, but rarely are the images as fine as yours. Immature Cicada nymphs live underground where they suck sap from the roots of trees and shrubs. When they approach maturity, they dig to … Read more

Sexton Beetle

Hello bugman My son found this bug in our front yard. We live in central Illinois What is it? Thanks KH Hi KH, This is one of the Sexton Beetles, the Tomentose Burying Beetles. Sexton Beetles often work in pairs to bury small dead animals like birds or mice. They lay eggs on the corpse … Read more

Bug of the Month: October 2007 – Locust Borer

Mystery Caterpillar and Bee-Like Insect Hey Bugman, I live in Rhode Island, and I’ve run across two odd insects recently. I was wondering if you could help me identify them. The first was a bright-green and brownish-purple caterpillar with four little spikes on it. It was about an inch long. The second is a vaguely … Read more

Monarch Butterflies: Rough Sex

Battering Butterflies Hello Bug Man! We love your site in this house! While at the shore each year I enjoy photographing butterflies. I am attaching several photos of two butterflies that appeared to be wrestling on the ground. This went on for a few minutes with the two ultimately flying off in different directions. I … Read more

Sexton Beetles bury Mouse

WTB?? My daughter nearly stepped on these while walking her dog through a recently mowed field. I have scrolled through your bug links until I am dizzy and cross-eyed. Can you tell me what they are? They seemed to be feeding on a small dead rodent, possibly killed during the mowing. (Notice the hitch-hiker flies.) … Read more