moth caterpillar?
Hello Bugman,
We found the caterpillars in the attached image on a Euphorbia sp. (pedalanthous) in our butterfly garden in Hollywood, Florida. We rummaged through all your caterpillar pages and did not make a positive I.D. The darker (later instar??) caterpillar is ~90mm. long, so we think the resulting moth(???) is large, perhaps a Sphynx species. We will appreciate any assistance you or your interested readers can provide. Best regards,
Jana and Stephen

Hi Jana and Stephen,
This one has us stumped and curious. This is a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar. It looks like a member of the genus Hyles to us, but a Euphorbia feeding species that looks similar is not reported from anywhere near Florida. We have contacted Bill Oehlke and hope he can clear up the mystery. We suspect he might request permission to post your photo to his site as well. Bill Oehlke quickly responded: “Daniel, They are one of the Erinnyis species which can be very variable I suspect ello, but they could also be alope. Thanks for thinking of me. I will ask for a second opinion and get back to you. Bill Oehlke “

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