lacewings, I think
Hi, I just found these eggs on my trampoline net, and thought that was a funny place for someone to lay eggs! I think they are lacewing eggs, from your informative site. I lose track of time on your website; I love it!

Hi Emily,
You are correct. These are Lacewing Eggs. Lacewings lay their eggs on the silken stalks because the predatory larval Lacewings, called Aphid Lions, are such ravenous eaters they will devour their siblings that hatch later. If you think you loose track of time on the site, just image the time we loose browsing through all the wonderful letters and images (and some considerably less that wonderful) while trying to decide which letters will be posted each day.

5 Responses to Lacewing Eggs

  1. Ira says:

    They are moth eggs! Google picture

  2. Max norris says:

    Hey how long do the lacewing eggs stay on the net for because there are some black/bronze one please HELP

    • bugman says:

      We suspect the eggs may change color prior to hatching. We do not believe the eggs take more than a few weeks to hatch.

  3. Claudia says:

    I have these now …I’ve seen they turn brown once they have hatched and saw a tiny almost microscopic worm like emerge and crawl upwards …I hosed them all off …we have way more nests now scattered in circles patches of eggs and saw the mamma this time … no idea what it is …not a beetle and no wings ? Where do they go after hatching and what is it ?

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