Water walking stick
Hello, Bugman –
Enjoyed your web page in the search for an ID for a bug. Our friends found this critter (photo attachment) in the pond in their back yard in South Carolina in August. It doesn’t seem to have the two-stripes you describe on your web page for the Anisomorpha buprestoides , plus it was quite at home in the pool rather than on a tree. What exact species/genus is this and what else can you tell me about it? Is it a type of scorpion? While I’m at it, they also do not know what type of yellow spider this is, also from their back yard (photo attached). Thanks!
Heidi/Where on Earth?

Hi Heidi,
We had to visit your website and have to admit we find it terribly tempting. You just might be getting an order from us in the near future for Insects in Amber or perhaps Christian Dior tails. What we would really like to find is a replacement set of antique tuxedo studs and cufflinks that were rhinestone studded Art Nouveau flies that somehow vanished from our possession over 15 years ago. Your mystery water insect is in fact called a Water Scorpion. It is in the genus Ranatra. The spider is Nephila clavipes, the Golden Silk Spider.

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