Interesting fly…?
I came across this interesting insect in the Big Hammock Natural Area along the Altamaha River in Georgia. These shots were taken mid September along the river. I thought it may have been some sort of fly, but the antennae and abdomen seemed curious to me. I can only see one set of wings in the photo and it flew too fast for me to tell if it had more than a pair. I believe the plant in the photo is Rabbit Tobacco (Pseudognaphlium obtusifolium). This plant was almost completely covered by lovebugs. I’ve never come across something like this, any idea?

Hi Anthony,
This is a Hunchback Bee Fly which we identified on BugGuide. We suspect the species is Lepidophora lutea because of the yellow scales on the forth segment of the abdomen. The larvae are parasites on solitary wasps.

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