Rescuing fish…!
Hi Daniel,
Many thanks for sparing your time to identify my whipscorpion. The poor little thing was probably snoozing somewhere nice and dry under the big pot – I feel guilty now about putting it back in the waterlogged yard ! Looking at the all the whipscorpion pics, it looks like I found one of the less scary looking ones! On a slightly different tack, you mention elsewhere that toe-biters are a delicacy in Thailand, so I thought I’d send you a couple of photos of these tasty snacks at a roadside stall in Bangkok. Mmmm…Yummy ! ( Actually that’s me quoting somebody else. ) Also, I’ve just looked at the ‘ About WTB ‘ for the first time, and am delighted to find you’re not nerdy boffins, but outrageeous artists !! Love the I da Ho sweater ! Cheers,

Hi again Graham,
Thank you so much for adding to our Edible Insect archive with your Toe-Biter Fast Food images.

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