A Question About a Wasp
I am enclosing a photo of a very LARGE Wasp. It seems to be depositing eggs in the splits in the bark of a maple. The material being deposited by the wasp seems to be white "fluffy" and soft looking. The wasp is the largest one I’ve ever seen, probably over an inch or more in length with a very heavy body. Can you help me and identify it? Thanks
Walt Jankowski
Hilton Head SC

Hi Walt,
This is a Cicada Killer and it is not laying eggs. We believe it is feeding on the oozing sap running from the tree. Female Cicada Killers hunt and paralyze Cicadas. They then bury them and lay a single egg. The larval wasp then feeds on the paralyzed, still living Cicada, which is a fresh food supply. A dead Cicada would be dry and inedible for the wasp.

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