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white spider
Hi! I live in Pennsylvania. I found this spider crawling around on my butterfly bush a couple weekends ago. It kinda freaked me out because I’ve NEVER seen one like this! I usually don’t mind spiders, but this guy is creepy! What is it????? Thanks!

Hi Billiejo,
This is a Crab Spider, most probably Misumena vatia, also known as a Flower Spider because if waits in flowers for pollinating insects. They are capable of changing colors to match their surroundings.

Correction from Eric Eaton (09/13/2007)
Hi, Daniel:
The white “crab spider” of 9/11 is indeed a crab spider, but it is not Misumena vatia. It is Misumenoides formosipes. Hey, I get confused, too!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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