Obscure green “boat” bug with suction cup “feet”
LOOOVE the site. Have hatched 2 sets of praying mantis, hatched a female Polyphemus moth who attracted TWELVE(1) males and, also hatched a male Cecropia moth earlier in the summer. Just had a 4″ female mantis attract a male and mate; waiting to see when she’ll lay her egg sack…At any rate, I’ve been a critter gal since my youth and am familiar with many of your typical insects. The attached, though, has me completely perplexed and befuddled. What the heck is it??? It was so neat – slightly less than an inch, bright green, shaped somewhat like a boat, and appeared to have a suction-cup type underside (traveled around on my daughter’s index finger for hours). Sort of an armadillo-type of insect in that it had a hard shell on the outside with a softer section underneath..

Hi Kristin,
This is a Slug Moth Caterpillar in the family Limacodidae, but we cannot be certain of the genus or species.

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