gday bugpeople…
i know you are very busy, but, I looked at this creature and have no idea what to make of it… I found these two, very well camouflaged on a fallen and decaying hoop pine body in Lamington National Park, Australia. I don’t remember if they were actually under the bark or not, if it makes a difference, but anyway- they weren’t burrowed in there when i found them. they were about 1.5cm long maybe. they sort of remind me of some sesame street character. not sure which one. i hope you’ve got something on them… thankyou…
ps… you’ve got very interesting heads… an art project??

Hi Jenni,
We searched for a bit to try to identify your Weevil species, but without success. We did find an Australian Weevil website, but no match to your photos are posted to it. The best we could do is Weevil in superfamily Curculionoidea.

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