Grant’s Rhinoceros Beetle, Scorpions, and Spiders!
Hello Lisa Anne and Daniel,
I just found your website and absolutely love it! I’ve always been fascinated with insects and spiders, but paleontology was my number one passion so I went that route instead of entomology. I many conduct my research on dinosaur tracks and fossil fish, but I have found, and plan to eventually describe some of the fossil arthropods I’ve discovered both in Canada and US someday. I even worked five seasons at the famous Middle Cambrian (~520 million years old) Burgess Shale in British Columbia for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Anyway, my 8 year old son, Burgess (you guessed it, he’s named after the Burgess Shale) found a fantastic Grant’s Rhinoceros Beetle that I just got around to identifying online this evening (see attached photo by my wife, Lynn White). I’m sure it is Dynastes granti and Burgess found it in a Black Widow Spider web here in Cedar City, Utah late last month. After this email I have three spider photos and a scorpion picture you might want to use on your website. Also, would like more accurate identifications on them if possible. Anyway, back to paleontology! More emails to follow shortly. Regards,
Andrew R. C. Milner
City Paleontologist and Curator
St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm
St. George, Utah

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for sending us your photos of the Grant’s Hercules Beetle, Dynastes granti. We get images of its eastern relative, Dynastes tityus, far more often.

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