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Bug in Mesquite tree.
Recently part of a VERY large mesquite tree fell on my fathers house. He asked me to help clear the wood and so I did. Rather than waste the wood by merely disposing of it or using it in a fire place, I decide to keep the wood for use in making my famous Mesquite smoked Texas Bar-B-Q. I noticed an unusual bug in the wood as I loaded it up at my fathers, but now that It has been in place for several weeks in my back yard. I have noticed the pile of wood absolutely covered with these bugs. Can you please tell me what type of bug it is and also (if you can) whether or not they pose a threat to anything, or anyone. (please see attached photo of one of the bugs crawling on my house) Thank You,
Michael Chambers
Dallas TX

Hi Michael,
This is a new species for our site, the Mesquite Borer, Placosternus difficilis. The larvae of the Mesquite Borer bore into the wood of mesquite and some other plants. The active adults feed on nectar and pollen and are attracted to lights. See BugGuide for more information.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Dennis says:

    What is the best way to keep the bug “Mesquite Borer” from infecting other trees in the area. They have killed one tree already and I have three others in my yard.

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