Imperial Moth Caterpillar
Hello, Bugman,
We were called to retrieve this charming fellow from someone’s yard. I had never seen an imperial moth caterpillar in real life before (I believe we’re at the very edge of the range), and was shocked at how enormous it was. My mother isn’t a fan of bugs, and refers to the critter as “the crawling turd,” and is fascinated by its “Predator-like butt. I’ve placed the caterpillar in a container (12x6x12”) with a bunch of loose dirt. At the moment, it’s just wandering around, but I’m hoping it will burrow down and pupate soon. I guess I’ll have to wait a few months to get picture of the adult, barring infestation by tachinid maggots. Regards!

Hi Emily,
Thank you for sending your photo of the Imperial Moth Caterpillar acompanied by you mother’s colorful description.

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