Saddled Prominent

caterpillar2 We found this caterpillar crawling on my husband’s shirt. I placed him on a hibiscus for his photo shoot. We live in south Louisiana. Thanks. Marcie Melancon Hi Marcie, This is one of the Prominent Moth Caterpillars in the genus Heterocampa, probably the Saddled Prominent, Heterocampa guttivitta.

Pandora Sphinx Caterpillar

Unknown caterpillar on grape leaf Hi- We found this on one of our grape leaves yesterday (9/29/07) (Rochester, NY). Do you know what it is? Thanks! Jeff Rochester, NY Hi Jeff, Adult Pandora Sphinx images were common this year, and this is the distinctive caterpillar of the equally distinctive moth.

Locust Borer

Locust Borer on goldenrod. Hey bugman, I think its really cool that the Locust borer is the new bug of the month for October. I have seen several this season and taken some pictures. This is the best one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy your website, which is a lot! Mike … Read more

White Spotted Sawyer

crab spider and white spotted sawyer I sent these pics in some time ago, though I know you’re behind. Just in case the recent net troubles led to their loss, I’ve sent again. The sawyer was in my back yard in Duluth, Minnesota. The crab spider I spotted on the side of the road, again … Read more

Red Banded Crab Spider probably

What is it? I found this black and stark white spider on a sage bush in my backyard. I live in Manhattan Beach, California. Do you know what it is? Thanks, Cathy Hi Cathy, This is a female Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae. Many spiders in this family are highly variable in coloration. We … Read more