Locust Borer

A Locust Borer Beetle Hi Daniel, I couldn’t find this lovely beetle on your site, but s ome research led me to Megacyllene robiniae . It’s pretty similar t oMegacyllene caryae (which I did find on your site) ,but the yellow stripes seem more pronounced. Evidently this striking bug is pretty common this time of … Read more

Sun Spider

what is this? Found in a garage in victorville , ca. Thanks Jose "Joe" Fernandez Hi Joe, Your submission has us a bit puzzled. You are requesting an identification, but your photo was titled Vigaroon. There is a creature known as a Vinegarone, but this is not it. You have a Solpugid, commonly called a … Read more

Greater Arid-Land Katydid

grasshopper question Dear What’s That Bug, Absolutely love your website. This somewhat unglamorous grasshopper appeared in our yard. I had never seen this one before and I did not see it on your website. I’d love to know the species. Thanks, Diane Young San Marcos, TX Hi Diane, This is not a grasshopper which is … Read more