found another caterpillar
We are having a ball finding caterpillars in the flower garden and watching them transform. It’s been a great educational experience for all of us and my four year old is very fascinated at the entire process. She name them all “Leah”. Anyway, I again searched all 10 caterpillar pages and was unable to locate our newest find. Could you please help. Thanks

Hi Mitzi,
This catepillar is one of the Nymphalidae or Brush Footed Butterflies. We are nearly positive it is the Common Buckeye, Junonia coenia. According to BugGuide, the caterpillar host plants include: “Plants from the snapdragon family including snapdragon ( Antirrhinum ), toadflax ( Linaria ), and Gerardia ; the plantain family including plantains ( Plantago ); and the acanthus family including ruellia ( Ruellia nodiflora ). “

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