Thanks, Daniel! I really enjoy spending time on your site. You have put together an incredible resource. My curiosity causes me to want to identify every bug I see that I am not familiar with. As a fly-fisherman and fly-tier, that curiosity has grown as I have many opportunities to view and identify species around the streams and lakes. Attached is a picture that I took at a northwest lake of a couple of Hexagenia Limbata Mayflies. The Hexagenia Limbata is the second largest species of mayfly. While these are more commonly found in Eastern states like Michigan and Wisconsin, there are a very few isolated rivers and lakes in the West where they hatch abundantly. The experience of being on a lake during a "Hex" hatch is incredible! The mayflies look like hundreds of miniature helicopters rising from the water all around you! And the fish loose all sensibilities (sorry, anthropomorphizing) and go nuts trying to get them!

Dear TroutCast,
Your personal observations and comments and excellent photo of Giant Mayflies, Hexagenia limbata, are exactly the type of submission we love posting to our site. What a welcome addition. We also found a great site called to link to regaring additional information on the Giant Mayfly.

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