Japanese yellow-legged tortoiseshell
I am going through all my old photos, especially of bugs, and thanks to you I have another positive ID! I was in Japan last year and took a picture of this nice docile butterfly. From the link on your site to a Japanese butterfly site I believe it is Hiodoshi-cho the Yellow-legged tortoiseshell. Thanks again!!
Rebecca in Falls Church, VA

Hi Rebecca,
Your research skills should be commended. Your identification of a Yellow Legged Tortoiseshell from Japan looks correct to us. It is awesome that you couldn’t find your answer on our site but followed a link we provided. We would never ever ever verbally bash our serious readership, but we often get marginally perturbed that so many people just send in photos, often with no helpful information, and never bother to search our vast archive for their identifications. More often than not, they don’t even need to look any further than our homepage.

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