Moth ID
I love your site- I found this moth right outside my back door- sunning himself. By dark he was gone. Can you give me an ID on this guy? He was really BIG!! I was creeped out !
Don, in San Diego, CA

Hi Don,
This is very exciting. We believe this is the Salicet Sphinx, Smerinthus saliceti. Not only is it a new species for our site, it is a live specimen not represented on Bill Oehlke’s awesome website. His website states the Salicet Sphinx “flies in valleys and along streamsides from Mexico City north to west Texas, southern Arizona, and extreme southern California” and that the caterpillars feed on the leaves of willow and poplar. We are going to contact Bill Oehlke to confirm the identification and we hope you will give him permission to post your gorgeous, high quality photos and also provide him with additional information.

Salicet Sphinx Moth ID
Hi Daniel! Wow, this is exciting. I have lived here in Encinitas for 32 years and Never seen a Sphinx Moth like this one… I had a feeling it was unusual. I live very close to the San Elijo Lagoon and the Manchester Preserve (open natural space surrounding the lagoon). Because of this, I see a lot of cool birds, insects , racoons, etc. Thank you for identifying it for me and I am only too happy to share my photos with all. I see it is up on your website already!! I’m thrilled and very lucky to have had my Olympus 8MP camera at hand when I found him. Thanks again, keep up the great work on your website, and I look forward to hearing from Bill. …
Don Doerfler

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