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What kind of spider is this???
Dear Bugman,
We found this spider on our back porch resting next to a mud dobber’s nest. We tried to identify her from pictures on your site & we think it is a fishing spider but couldn’t find one with the same white markings. Could you please identify her for us? We live in Central Florida in a very rural area. We went to check on her the next day but she was gone. Thank you.
Suzi Haws
Sanford, FL

Hi Suzi,
We agree this is a Dolomedes Fishing Spider, but it is unlike any we have seen. The resolution on your image is quite poor, but the coloration is still very distinctive. We will check with Eric Eaton to see if he recognizes this stunning specimen. Here is Eric’s response: “Daniel: I applaud you for reognizing the genus. Good work! I don’t know for certain, but suspect this is Dolomedes albineus, maybe D. scriptus. The submitter might want to try Bugguide’s “ID Request” section as well, as we have several spider experts, at least one in Florida. Eric” If you submit to BugGuide, please let us know what the final determination is on this specimen.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

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  1. Gabriel Allit says:

    Dolomedes Triton

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