Could You Please Help?
I took the attached photos a few years ago on the Sun Coast of Florida. Seems as though it was April or May and these things were all over the place (on the walls & walks) at an outdoor mall that adjoined some natural habitat in Sarasota. They were quite lethargic & docile, almost as if in a mating trance. I was able to gather a number of them in a soft drink cup before someone came along and said they might be a member of the wasp family. I immediately got rid of them as I’m highly allergic to bee venom, etc. The red, white & blue colors were brilliant (photos don’t quite show how vivid). Certainly this species could qualify for the "national insect" of the USA! I’ll await your reply with great anticipation!,
George Wilson

Hi George,
This colorful insect is a Polka-Dot Wasp Moth. Though they mimic wasps, they are harmless. Their gregarious caterpillars have been known to defoliate oleander bushes, and they are called Oleander Caterpillars.

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