What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

thanks for the follow up
Sorry I wasted my time thinking you would help like your site says. Not even a return email, or even an automated response. sad Thought you were a legitimate site

Dear Dawn,
Congratulations, you are the recipient of our Nasty Reader Award. Our readership understands that we are not able to respond to each of the 100 or more emails we receive daily. We do not give automated responses. We give our readership personal attention as much as we are able. Additionally, we lost internet access due to Time Warner outages in our area several times in the past few weeks, which increased our workload when service returned. Others of our readers have resubmitted a request, sometimes several times before we were able to devote attention to their queries. Had you resubmitted a letter and an image, you might be getting an identification right now, but then you would not be gracing our homepage with your Nasty Reader Award. We are guessing that your email address is computer shorthand for Dawn Obnoxious. Perhaps our readership would like to email you some of their thoughts to Dawnobxjdb4@edited

(08/10/2007) Our Readership Responds
(08/10/2007) Dawn Obnoxious
Sure, sic us on her! We’ll put our arm in a fire up to here for you any day! (pointing to the first knuckle on her right pinky finger)

Get a Grip!
Does your mommy know that you’re playing with the computer? Where did you EVER get the idea that you were so special? If you think you’re so entitled to get special treatment on the internet, what are you like in real life? “Sorry I wasted my time thinking you would help like your site says.” Uh, you’re wasting your time being on the internet period.

Maybe you don’t realize the “What’s That Bug” website is run by two teachers and they field question from everywhere in the world. Considering we humans have identified about 20% of all the earths insects and there are about 6 billion people, you can see how they may not be able to answer every single question. They are good people who like bugs. Not to mention patient, too. I offer the fact they answer the same House Centipede and Cob Web Spider over and over and over as proof. I ask you to please be patient, also. Sometimes you have to submit the same photo two or three times. While you’re waiting for a reply, I suggest you browse through the hundreds of pictures already posted. (The menu is on the left) There you will find pictures of many bugs and maybe find the answer to your question. Good luck to you. And no, I am not affiliated with them in any other way then actually getting a photo on the site.

Dawn responds to previous emails
(08/10/2007) setting me straight
Thank you for the additional feedback. My apologies, I thought I had contacted a larger firm. In this instant information age , it seems anyone and everyone has a site, and the managing of said sites can be overwhelming. In the future I shall research a little more before just contacting on a whim. Good luck to those two ladies and their site.

Pat comes to our Defense
(08/13/2007) obnoxious letter to ‘what’sthatbug.com’
Just wanted to forward this to you and to let you know you have one of the best websites I have ever visited and appreciate your effort to answer as many questions as you can…or check with your ‘experts’ if you don’t know…thank you again for such a great service….
Hawk Point, MO
Even tho’ you must not understand that you are not the only person in the world, and that there is no way any web site could reply to every submission they recieve ,you surely can see that Daniel and Lisa Anne choose very carefully and thoughtfully so as to generate the most information about the hundreds of thousands of bugs and insects, etc. in our world their readers have questions about. I am stunned that anyone could find fault with such an outstanding and informative site. If they don’t have the information or knowledge, they query an expert in that field, or recommed a web site to peruse. I’m sure I am not the only one who gives thanks for this highly informative and lovely website. Hope your day gets better, ’cause I can tell by your letter it’s not too good right now….

Update: Reader Wants Book Thrown at Us!!!
(04/05/2008) Nasty Reader Award
For being educated women, your behavior in giving and posting your abusive rant against a reader who made an insulting comment is reprehensible. It was immature and spiteful. Inviting other viewers to contact the women you are angry with is vengeful and abusive. You should be charged for your violation of these women’s privacy. I hope they contact the police and your internet provider and although you are providing a valuable service, I hope your site gets shut down until the two of you grow up or learn some mediation skills. Shame on you for abusing your position.

Hi Terah (name taken from email address but not signed on anonymous email),
We will not be posting your email address to sic our readership on you directly, but we want to come to our own defense in this matter. It seems you want the book thrown at us and feel the judge should show no mercy. We never invaded anyone’s privacy. We did not seek out any random person to have an “abusive rant against.” People who write to our site do so with the understanding that letters are posted. If someone writes to us, we feel we have the right to respond, and our forum for response is an online posting. We are not cyber-stalking anyone, merely responding to a letter. We doubt that the cyber-police, the LAPD in our local station, nor our internet provider will find anything illegal in what we have done. We are providing a free and entertaining service, and we resent being attacked. People who want their privacy maintained should not be sending virulent emails to websites, and if they do, they need to accept the consequences of FREE SPEECH, our first amendment right in case you are not educated enough to know about it. Regarding our maturity or lack thereof, we have always believed that a certain amount of immaturity is the key to youth.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 Responses to Second Recipient: Nasty Reader Award

  1. Syd says:

    I don’t want to excuse bad behavior, and in fact, that’s why I feel the need to comment. Putting bad on top of bad only makes the pile of sh** bigger. Putting someone’s private email address up on the internet is really stinky, then to encourage people to send in abuse on top is not far off from bully behavior.

    It’s one thing to put the post up here for others to see, quite another to encourage and foment vigilante style justice. We do not know what kind of day that person was having, perhaps his/her dad just died, or s/he just lost a job. It does not mean anyone gets to be a jerk to you but it also does not mean you are now given free license to start being a jerk as well. 🙁

    Especially as it appears she called mea culpa and apologized! Or am I not reading the responses up there correctly?

    I expect better of you Bugman. 🙁

    • bugman says:

      In our defense, we did not provide a link to the email address, which would mean the readers would have to cut and paste. We will edit the email address thanks to your comment.

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