Lovely red stranger on oak leaves
Can you identify these red beauties attached to the base of some of the oak leaves in our backyard in Pleasant Hill, California? I included a picture of the oak leaves to assist you in identifying the type of oak – I’m not sure what type it is. Thank you!
Mabel Neys
Pleasant Hill, California

Hi Mabel,
We have been scouring the web for about an hour trying to properly identify your Oak Gall, probably to the chagrin of our other readers with questions sitting in our “in box”. Sadly, we will have to leave this identification at Unknown Oak Gall, probably one of the Gall Wasps in the family Cynipidae, and possibly in the genus Andricus based on the closest image we could find on BugGuide, Andricus fullawayi. We decided to give it one more try and located Andricus crystallinus, the Crystalline Gall Wasp. Looks like a perfect match. Galls do not harm the oak trees.

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