Greater Arid-Land Predaceous Katydid
Hi there,
I know that you have several photos of this Katydid already, but I couldn’t resist sending you a couple more. This gal is about 4.5 inches long (including her ovipositor) and she was quite sociable and willing to come in the house for a photoshoot. I also live in Central Texas, and I was blown away about how beautiful this insect is. Thanks for the great website!
Allison Egger

Hi Allison,
We feel that we can never have too many excellent photos on our site, but sadly, time does not always permit us to post everything we want to post. Your photo made the cut today and will help other readers identify this distinctive predatory species, the Greater Arid-Land Katydid, Neobarrettia spinosa. Thanks for sending it.

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