Not a Large Milkweed Bug – what is it
Hi … I think I may have found something new for you. Found this pair of bugs mating on a rock. Looked through your website and it comes closest to the Large Milkweed Bug (LMB). However, look carefully at the segmented antennae. After the base, there are 9 segments on these bugs, whereas the LMB has only 3. Also, the face is black, whereas the LMB’s face is orange. And the backs are somewhat like ‘corduroy’, whereas the LMB has an ‘X’ in the center. Lastly, the size is different. I believe LMB’s are about 1/2″ long, whereas the body of the larger one I captured was about 1″ long. What’s that bug?
Woburn, MA

Hi Mark,
These are mating Banded Netwing Beetles, Calopteron reticulatum. They are often mistaken for moths.

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