Caterpillar ID Request
Dear Bugman:
I found the attached little guy eating my Pentas here in New Orleans this morning. He had two others with him. Yesterday I saw a similar one but he was more green. They all appear to be about 3 inches long. They appear to be planning to eat three medium sized bushes. They did the same thing last year but I did not catch them in the act and only had the empty Pentas to show. They just eat the leaves not the stems. They have ignored the adjacent Vincas (Periwinkles). I thought it was a Palamedes swallowtail but the internet photos didn’t quite match up. Your thoughts? Please let me know. Thanks.Best Regards
Andrew Wilson

Hi Andrew,
This is a Tersa Sphinx Caterpillar, Xylophanes tersa tersa. The caterpillar is frequently found feeding on Penta. We just posted a photo of the adult moth on our homepage.

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