Heres a few pics of my many legged friends from iraq….your site rocks…thanks
Jesse Lopez

scorpion Wood Boring Beetle

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for sending us photos of the creatures you are handling in Iraq. It is nice to see you don’t believe the vicious rumors regarding the Camel Spider or Solpugid. We don’t know much about the Scorpion you are holding, but scorpions are venomous. Only a few species have potentially lethal venom and most are like being stung by a wasp or bee. The large beetle is a Metallic Wood Borer in the family Buprestidae. Stay safe.

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  1. olda says:

    this scorpion seems Scorpio maurus kind.

    Mildly venomous, but a painful sting. Harmless for healthy humans. This aggressive species will often use claws for defense, and not use the stinger. LD50 values are reported to be 9.37 – inactive (mg/kg) and 141.6 – inactive (mg/kg).

    olda, Czech Republic

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