I know you are busy but please help me!!!!!
Good morning,
Let me first say that I love your site and use it often. You recently saved the lives of the Golden Digger Wasps that are busy working in our yard. Now our two year old can play right next to there holes and we really don’t worry all that much. You have been very helpful to us and the little critters that live with us. This morning though, I have become VERY uptight about somebody that was sitting in an empty wineglass on my counter. Please tell me this is NOT a roach, cause if it is, I am abandoning my home immediately. He is huge, and quite quiet, not at all what I would imagine a roach would behave like.Can you ease my fears, please… Thanks so much,
Carla in Connecticut

Fear Not Carla,
This is not a roach. It is a Brown Prionid, Orthosoma brunneum. The larvae are wood borers and are usually found in poles and wood that is in contact with wet ground. We are also happy to hear your Golden Digger Wasps are alive and well.

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