Okay, what’s this one?
Thank you Daniel,
I was surprised and gratified to hear from you – and of course you’re very welcome to the photo! I have a few additional shots for you – and I don’t have any idea as to what this might be. This tiny critter had evidently glued a lot of other bug parts (even a few minuscule snail shells) onto its back and was waiting to ambush something even smaller when he first caught my eye. Any ideas?

Hi again Henry,
This is a Debris Carrying Lacewing Larva. Some Green Lacewings in the family Chrysopidae have larvae that camouflage themselves with debris, including the remains of their prey.

Location Request: (07/18/2007) Debris carrying lacewing larva
Hi Daniel,
I wanted to tell a malacologist friend about the neat larva that has some snailshells cemented on him. Did Henry tell you where it was from? The small white shell seems to be a Vallonia, I think maybe Vallonia eccentrica. Thanks,

Update: (07/18/2007) Lacewing location
I took those shots in Titusville, Florida, about six or seven years ago. I saw several at that time, but haven’t noticed any more since then, which is too bad, since I could probably take better photos now. Again, thanks in advance, – and keep up the good work! Henry

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