bumblebee killing honeybee? queen mating with drone?
I can see that this is obviously a bumblebee (don’t know which species); but I’m surprised to see it firmly attached to what appears to be a honeybee (or a drone?). I’ve sent two different views. Do you have any idea what’s going on here? Thanks for any time you can spare to help me out.
Chuluota, FL (Central Fl)

Hi Diane,
This is not a Bumblebee. It is a Robber Fly known as a Southern Bee Killer, Mallophora orcina. According to BugGuide it is a: “Large, fuzzy, bee-mimicking robber flies. Resemble Laphria , another genus of robbers that mimic bumblebees, but is even hairier and has antennae with a very thin terminal final segment, whereas Laphria has thick antennae. “

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