Name these Bugs Please. Ahhh, Bonking and Eating
I was day tripping just north of Lake Erie in Southern Ontario and found these great bugs while picking wild berries. I found your site while trying to identify them. What a great service you are offering. Pat on the back 🙂 I like to imagine what it would be like if bugs were six feet tall! Ahhhh, bonking and eating. Two of life’s finest treasures…so why not do them at the same time. I sent you this photo for identification but thought I’d resubmit it for the Bug Love section of your site which I just found. Location:Southern Ontario just north of Lake Erie in a lovely Conservation Area where I spent the afternoon picking berries. Luckily, the berries were bugless!

Hi Linda,
Thanks for sending us your photo of mating Japanese Beetles. We have had numerous requests for their identification recently.

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