On CK wasp stings…………..
Hi Fellows;
I live in Central Florida in a small town called Mims. As long as I have lived here, the CKs have been around every summer. Scared the devil out of me until I learned what they are. Some time ago, I found a web site run by a lady who studies CKs for a living. In one of her discussions, she described how she actually induced a female CK to sting her! She showed a picture of the sting site afterwards, and according to her description, it did essentially nothing to her. Her assertion is that CK venom is so specific to cicadas that it does not cause pain in animals such as humans. Has anyone ever heard of this?
Dave Mohr
Mims, Florida

Hi Dave,
We wish you had provided us with a link to the website.

Try this…………… http://ww2.lafayette.edu/ ~hollidac/CKcontrol2.html
Dave Mohr

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