cicada killers
here are some identification pics you can add on your site of male cicada killers.I keep them to study thier behaviour and to mate them to ensure a healthy local population of these wonderful wasps
Andrew a davis

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your wonderful submission. Thankfully you did not include your location, as we fear you might get hate mail from the countless individuals that want to rid the planet of Cicada Killers and many other beneficial species as well. We are curious though, how you breed the Cicada Killers in captivity. Do you release the females after mating? or do you actually raise the young in captivity.

i live in [Location Withheld]. And i keep the largest males i catch in 5 gal terrariums feeding them sugarwater.I introduce the females and if theyre virgins theyll be mated.I rrelaese them after because i can’t really find any cicadas readily either.

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