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Hi Daniel and Lisa,
When I first saw this flying critter, I thought that it was a pelecinid. After doing some research, I’m not very convinced that this is what this is. It was maybe a 1 inch to an inch and half from head to the end of its ovipositor. I’m guessing that it’s an ovipositor and not a stinger. had rescued it from my pool, and was able to get some shots of it while it dried its wings. Any info or direction you can give me in identifying this insect is very appreciated. Thanks!
Barrie, Ontario

Ed. Note When Yvonne first wrote to us, we misidentified her Gasteruptiidae Wasp as an Ichneumon without posting it. She has since sought the assistance of BugGuide, which we thoroughly endorse since they are a vast network of scientific information. Yvone then wrote back with BugGuide’s findings.

(07/09/2007) Ichneumon or Gasteruptiidae wasp
Hello again,
According to some other sources, the image I sent to you is not of an Ichneumon, but of a Gasteruptiidae wasp. I’m not sure if the jury is still out, but so far, that is what the consensus is. Do you still think it’s an ichneumon?

Hi again Yvonne,
Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. Remember, we are artists without entomological training.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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