Beautiful Spider…what kind is he?
I found this pretty spider outside our suite while we were on vacation in texas hill country…any idea what he might be? Notice the smiley face on his back…

Hi Leah,
This is a female Phidippus audax, commonly called the Bold Jumper. Jumping Spiders do not build webs and have excellent eyesight. They jump on their prey, including flies and other flying insects. See the Spider Webwatch site for more information.

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  1. I’ve been seeing this Bold Jumping Spider a round quite a bit lately in Long Beach California. I just found one in my house trying to jump on my toes. Being a landscaper / gardener I know from experience that the bite, althow painfull and can make you sick, is not dedly to adults.

    • bugman says:

      Hi Deborah,
      We are surprised to hear that you have been bitten by Bold Jumpers. We haven’t heard of anyone being bitten by one in the nearly fifteen years we have been writing this column.

      • Drem says:

        I am rather interested in the surprise at Deborah being bitten by them. Have been bitten multiple times over past years in East Texas by what I believe is a Bold Jumper breed. Get some what ill and have moderate muscle soreness near the site every time. At least 1 bite every year. Rather high population in my area. Black fuzzy spiders, white stripe on each side of the under side of the abdomen. 2 white spots on the top. Illness generally lasting 1-3 days. They have a habit of making purse webs in the corners of my home. (I think that is the right term for the cocoon type webs)

        • bugman says:

          Thanks for letting us know about your own experience.

          • Drem says:

            Not a problem at all. Was just surprised as the Bold Jumper seem to be the most aggressive breed in my area, even more so than the Rabid Wolf Spiders.

  2. joel says:

    mine made a web

  3. Jim says:

    Hey Deborah! My son and I just spotted one in our front yard in Belmont Heights, Long Beach, CA. Cool looking spider, but I wouldn’t touch it! Thanks for the information everyone.

  4. Jo Moran says:

    Just saw one in my bathroom up in Nor Cal. Is that even possible? Didn’t think they were found up here.

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