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  1. Sandy says:

    I have alot of different insects in my yard. Black,red, fire ants, one looks like a nest of red velvet ants. One was hugh took a while to kill it, then I noticed a lot of smaller ones all around. I also have alot of what looks like brown locus (not sure how to spell it)spiders or wolf spider, I’m not sure what type, crickets, lady bugs, moles, voles, mice, a lot of ground snakes, tree frogs, other frogs, lizards, baby copperhead snakes, rabbits etc. Alot of things in my yard. I live in town, at the edge of town. Parts of my yard is soft and constantly finding small round finger size to silver dollar size holes all in my yard, hundreds of small holes, find raised dirt from moles all in my yard, cracks all in yard, and new big holes form all soft spots and moles. It’s crazy. I’ve never had so many bugs and reptiles in one place. How can I get rid of them. My yard is getting worse from all the holes and cracks etc. Also lots of sewer flies and gnats, mosquitoes.

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