Large black and grey fly
My name is Dacon, and I live in Wisconsin. The other night my family and I were getting ready to have a meal in our gazebo, when I noticed this large fly on the inside wall of the gazebo. I tried to catch it in a can, but slipped up. However, it did perch on the edge if the lid for a close-up. It was grey and black with black wings, plus two stubby wings or horns just in front of the wings. It was also about an inch long, and thich bodied. I have searched for an identity, but have been unsuccessful. Please help. Thank you for your time.

Hi Dacon,
This amazing creature is a Bot Fly or Warble Fly. The larvae of Bot Flies are endoparasites. Most North American species have rodents as host, but tropical species are human parasites. Bot Flies are in the family Oestridae, and New World species are in the subfamily Cuterebrinae.

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