Bee swarm in tree
Hi all! Just thought you might appreciate a break from all the questions, and enjoy a look at a bee swarm we found a few days ago in a front yard tree in LaFayette, NY. (I was there on a visit.) A local honey bee keeper collected the swarm and is hoping that the old queen (he says it’s always the old queen that leaves with 40-60% of the workers when a new queen is born) will produce a good quantity of honey for him next year. He estimates there are nearly 10000 bees in this swarm, which is about the size of two footballs. There are three pictures, one of the swarm protecting (surrounding) the queen after a rain storm, one of the keeper grabbing the swarm to sweep it into the hive box, and one of the box as he checks to be sure he has the queen (he didn’t and had to re-collect from the branch.) When the queen is inside, the bees line up at the entrance, deposit a lemon scent, and fan the entrance. Fascinating and fun to watch!
Chuluota, FL

Hi Diane,
Your letter and photos just fuels our desire to raise bees and eat our own garden honey.

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