Leaf Cutter Bee in Texas
Hi! You don’t have to respond to this as an inquiry, but I thought you might enjoy the photos I snapped of a leaf cutter bee in my backyard in southeast Texas. I’ve had this rosebush for over a year now and have only this week spotted the leafcutter in action. They are very quick at their skill; I guess I either haven’t been out at the right time, or they are very shy. I’ve seen the neatly cut circles and I knew who the culprit was, I just hadn’t seen her before. I was pretty excited! Thanks for your cool and informative site!

Hi Lindsey,
We are sure our rose growing readership will appreciate your photos of a Leaf Cutter Bee in action. These bees are important native pollinators and the damage they do to leaves is minor. Of greater concern is their habit of tunneling into rose stems to create nests. Here is a link to the Colorado State University horticulture website with more information.

Location: Texas

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