From the monthly archives: "June 2007"

White Crab Spider
Hope you like this Crab spider, this was the closest i could get without spooking him/her. Location – Midlands: UK

Hi Kevin,
Stateside, Crab Spiders are sometimes called Flower Spiders since they wait in flowers for pollinating insects to arrive just in time for lunch.

Bug Love
These seem to be Mosquito Hawks in love

Hi Barb,
Over the years, we have received numerous images of mating Crane Flies, sometimes called Mosquito Hawks even though they do not eat mosquitos. Your photo stands out from the crowd since the shallow depth of field and subtle backlighting nicely isolate the pair from their surroundings.

Unknown Bug
We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. A few weeks ago we were camping along side a local river not to far out of town. Around 7:30 that evening I noticed this insect attached to a line on the tent. The insect had attached itself to the back of a wasp and was in the process of sucking the insides of the wasp out. The wasp was minus its wings. In the morning the hungry insect had departed and left the empty carcass of the wasp still attached to the tent line. Nothing left but a hollowed out shell. I unfortunately did not get a shot of what was left but I did get the one attached to this email. Any help in the identity of this bug would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,
Chris Deakin
Victoria, BC, Canada

Hi Chris,
While your story is interesting, your observation of the occurance is not quite accurate. The pictured insect is a newly metamorphosed Cicada, and what you have mistaken for a meal is not a wasp but the shed skin of the larval Cicada. The photo is quite gorgeous.

Whats This one?
I enclose two pictures of a beetle which we found 4-5 of in a Russian Sage (Perovskia). They were iridescent gold with green stripes. Any Idea what they were? Regards

Hi Thok,
In addition to Russian Sage, the Rosemary Beetle feeds on its namesake rosemary as well as lavendar, thyme and sage. The beetle, though its scientific name is Chrysolina americana, is native to southern Europe and has extended its range to Britain, but we do not know from where you are writing. Here is a link with more information.

Carrion beetles on Stinkhorn
Hello, bugman. I hope my email gets through the flood! I recently found an awesome fungus, an elegant stinkhorn, that was absolutely crawling with carrion beetles. There were quite a few flies, too. Unfortunately, when I approached to take a picture, the flies flew away, and many of the beetles dropped to the ground! I can certainly see why they would like the fungus, though… it reeked like rotting flesh! Best regards,

Hi Emily,
Thanks for sending us your photo of American Carrion Beetles, Necrophila americana.

Tortoise beetle
Hi Daniel and Lisa,
My son rescued a tortoise beetle from our pool the other day. I was able to get some good shots in while it dried its wings. Please ignore my wrinkled finger… I promise I’ll get some better moisturizer : )
Barrie, Ontario

Hi again Yvonne,
Nice to hear from you again. We can always depend upon you to send us a great photo. Though we just posted some photos of a Clavate Tortoise Beetle, your photo shows the scale nicely.