Net-Winged Beetle and Unknown butterfly
Hi Bugman!
I spotted this Net-winged Beetle (Calopteron reticulatum) in my yard today! Once again, I was able to identify it using your site! I didn’t, however, see any photos of my Mystery Butterfly – thought maybe you could help to identify it? I followed this spastic little thing in my yard for an hour trying to get a good shot of it! I was lucky enough to get this one before it took off again, but was unsuccessful in getting a closed wing shot. The underside of its wings are white, and seemed to have a small black mark near the edge of the lower wing. We are in Southwest Missouri. Thanks for your help!
Kris L.

Net Winged Beetle Eastern Tailed Blue

Hi Kris,
You did well on the Net-Winged Beetle identification. Few people would have even guessed it was a beetle. The butterfly is a female Eastern Tailed Blue, Everes comyntas. The Western Tailed Blue would be our second guess as the two are difficult to distinguish, but we don’t believe the Western Tailed Blue ranges as far east as Missouri. The caterpillars feed on leguninous plants.

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