What kind of bug is this?
I have been seeing alot of bugs of this kind in my house. They come out at night time and crawl on walls around the same time at night. I want to get rid of them. Can you give me some info about them and also how to get rid of these critters? Thank you.

Hi PHil,
We do not recommend ridding your home of House Centipedes. They are harmless predators that will eat more destructive and harmful arthropods in your home.

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  1. Ryn says:

    Wow this is a great pic! I was finding these all over my apartment and now that I know they’re harmless, I’ll try not to scream like a little girl when I see them anymore. The latest one I named PET-PET the SLAYER of SILVERFISH!…and I called him a crickapede since i had NO idea what he was. Sadly he died in the bathtub where he fell when I was cleaning, but from now on if i’m lucky enough to get another one I’ll have no fear of them and rescue them if possible! Thanks so much!


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