First encounter with Bald Faces
Found your site looking for info on what folks commonly call
“hornets”. I found this nest accidently and almost reached into it. It is about 3ft from ground level and in a holly tree. I find them very placid, and don’t seem to be aggressive at all like the ground yellow jackets, I would not have gotten away being that close with that species! They are very busy in the morning though but dart around me like I am not there. Thought you would like this photo. I am going to try to keep them around to Winter freeze, if my Wife and/or Father-in-law don’t kill them first.

Hi Scott,
It is wonderful to hear about your tolerance. We love your photo of the paper nest of the Bald Faced Hornet.

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  1. Jim Paton says:

    Does the bald face hornet ever nest on the ground?

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