Possible Amorpha juglandis?
Dear "What’s That Bug?",
I was walking outside to get the mail this morning, and I noticed this bug on my front door. At first, I didn’t know if it was real or not, due to trick that people in my family like to pull, but when it moved I realized that it wasn’t a fake. At the same time, I had never seen this sort of bug before, and really had no idea what it was. After doing a bit of research, it seems to be quite similar to the Amorpha juglandis, but there are still some differences that make me wonder, and the sites didn’t say that they were found in New York, where I live. No one I’ve asked so far has been able to tell me what it is, and so I was wondering if you could clear things up. Attached to this email is a photo of the bug, and I have a few others posted on my DeviantArt page ( http://puppkid.deviantart.com/ ), if that one doesn’t help, since it’s from the back. If you can identify this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Sincerely,

Hi Jessica,
This is a Spotted Apatelodes, Apatelodes torrefacta. We like checking BugGuide’s Data pages for range information (since they are a much more thorough, organized and scientific site than our own), though their information is based on submissions to their website. There is not a submission from New York, but there are submissions from many adjacent states as well as Canada. If you submit your image to BugGuide, the range information will be more complete.

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