Shiny green spider
My husband took a video of this gorgeous little thing and it jumped right onto the camera lens! The closest picture I’ve found online is a Cosmophasis (specifically the picture labelled Cosmophasis ZZ059 on the page /australian/salticidae/Saltici dae.html) …but Wikipedia claims that "some species occur in Africa, while most are found in Southeast Asia, down to Australia." This spider was filmed and photographed in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 🙂 Regrettably, most attempts to look up a shiny green jumping spider on the web come up with…well, the "Green Jumping Spider", Lyssomanes viridis, which this puppy -clearly- isn’t. Thanks for any help you can give me. We just moved here from Dallas two months ago, and rented a house in a semi-rural setting, and we’re very much enjoying getting to know all the wildlife. We have cows, deer, and every kind of spider known to Arkansas! 🙂
Ro Windwalker

Hi there Ro,
Clearly you are a detail oriented person, and you will probably not content yourself with the general answer we are going to give you. This is a Jumping Spider in the Family Salticidae. Most Jumping Spiders, and there are many, do not have common names. BugGuide shows four pages of subfamilies and each of those have additional genus and species identifications. The folks associated with BugGuide are far more organized and technical than we can ever hope to be. We really don’t have the time to sift through all of the photos to provide you with an exact identification, but perhaps you might be curious. Just follow the link we have posted on our site and start to look through images. This is how we do most of our identifications. If you get the answer, please write back and we will post it.

Update: (06/30/2007)
ID of “shiny green spider” from 6/28/07 I believe I’ve found the shiny green spider submitted by Ro on 6/28/07. Here’s a link from the University of Kentucky Entomology website for you to look at and see if you agree. iles/casefile/spiders/jumping/ jumping.htm#para The spider is the Paraphidippus aurantius. Cheers!
Stefanie Graves
Watercolors by Stefanie Graves
http://stefaniegraves.cowango .com/index.html

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