Ten-Lined June Beetle Pics
Hi Bugman,
This fellow was almost stepped on as he was making his way across the sidewalk the other night . Since he was so good-looking, we decided to pull out the camera then and there and photograph him. Thanx for your fun site…I was able to identify him while I checked out all the cool pictures. We love you!
Joy Greene,
La Canada, California

Hi Joy,
While we don’t get Ten Lined June Beetles in Mt. Washington, we do encounter them on trips to See’s Candy in Montrose where they are attracted to the lights and we also encounter them at Art Center in Pasadena because of all the pine trees.

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  1. Jerome says:

    Just encountered one of these the other night. I left the door open and the light on, which is a great way to attract bugs, which, I don’t. But anyhow they’re up here in NE Washington near Spokane. What an odd sound they make!

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